Dunn School: A College Prep School

Dunn School sign in Los Olivos, CA

Dunn School is a college-prep school for grades 6 – 12 located in Los Olivos, Ca. The school is o an 55-acre campus ,which brings together 43 talented teachers who inspire students to become sharp thinkers, creative doers and confident leaders. The distinctive Dunn culture is decidedly collaborative, hands-on, friendly and open minded. Learning takes place not just in classrooms but in well-equipped buildings all over campus.

Academic standards are lofty at Dunn School . Students enjoy challenging classes and hold high academic aspirations. There are over 15 Advanced Placement and Honors classes. Students also enjoy small classes with an average class size of 12 students.  Courses are demanding, whether they are standard college-prep courses or the faster-paced and even more rigorous honors and Advanced Placement courses. 100% of students are admitted to selective 4 year universities, which is largely due to a comprehensive college counseling program which begins in the 9th grade.  

Many Santa Ynez Valley families choose this school for its wonderful environment and impeccable academic record. Furthermore, Dunn School has a great activities and athletics program with very competitive teams. 

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