Olive Grove School sign

Olive Grove School: Education Excellence Can Boost Home Prices

Olive Grove Charter School sign

Olive Grove School, a much-loved charter  school in Los Olivos, California, is one many such charter schools throughout California that have been said to be a positive factor in the value of local real estate, and one that can actually boost home prices. Founded in 2001 by the Los Olivos School District, and located at 2540 Alamo Pintado Avenue in Los Olivos, the school serves 485 students in grades K-12. It has a diverse population in which students excel at independent study under the supervision of their parent or guardian. The innovative curriculum and educational philosophy empowers kids to reach their highest potential in a homelike setting. The students receive daily and weekly support from the Los Olivos Olive Grove School teaching staff, and fulfill their educational goals at their own pace.

The school has an API score of 741/1000 and an API ranking of 7/10 compared to 6/10 ranking of similar schools. The Olive Grove Charter School has an excellent staff and resources for its students. Both the K-8 and  High School curriculums are readily available. Overall, the school is an excellent choice for many families and an attractive feature to potential Santa Ynez Valley home buyers.

If you have school-age children and are looking for a home convenient to Olive Grove Charter School or any of the schools in the Santa Ynez Valley, Mike and Micah Brady can provide excellent advice, as well as assistance in your search for property. Together, they have decades of residence in the Valley, and their experience and local market knowledge are invaluable to their clients. Contact Mike at 805.391.0587, or Micah at 805.331.3053.