Santa Ynez Valley Charter School: An Innovative Approach

Santa Ynez Valley Charter SchoolSanta Ynez Valley Charter School was created thanks to 70 parents, educators and community leaders who came together in the year 2000 to create the vision and values for this great local school to become a reality. After approval by the state of California the school opened it’s doors on September 4, 2000 as and independent school. The school is overseen by the College School District in Santa Ynez, California

The Santa Ynez Valley Charter School, a K-8 school nurtures and prepares their students for high school and beyond via a innovative and challenging academic environment. Parental involvement is key and the community support the school receives is instrumental in the success of the school. Thanks to the Charter School Law, Santa Ynez Valley Charter School is a public school of choice which allows those who attend the benefits of a small learning community. The latest SARC report shows that the school enrollment was 202 students.

Parent participation is key to the success of Santa Ynez Valley Charter School. Volunteer requirements are written into the charter so as to ensure the continuous success of the school. Every family is required to contribute a minimum of 3 hours per child per month (5 hours per month for multiple children attending).

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