Los Olivos Elementary School sign

Santa Ynez Valley Schools: Great for Kids and Home Values!

Los Olivos Elementary School sign

One of the most important factors for many people when deciding on a home to purchase is the quality of the school district. Whether you have kids or not is irrelevant as history has shown that homes in good school districts typically have higher resale value and are easier to sell. The Santa Ynez Valley schools are of the highest quality, making the choice of purchasing a home here much easier.

The Los Olivos School District is home to several schools which are highly regarded. One of these is Los Olivos Elementary, located at 2540 Alamo Pintado Avenue has a strong academic program and is fortunate enough to have great community support. The school has an API score of 915 and a API statewide ranking of 9/10 compared to 6/10 ranking of similar schools. The class population is 245 students making the classes small and manageable.

 Over the course of the next few blogs we will continue to highlight both local public and private Santa Ynez Valley schools so you can learn more about why the Santa Ynez Valley is a great choice for a new home! 

If you have school-age children and are looking for a home convenient to Los Olivos Elementary School or any of the schools in the Santa Ynez ValleyMike and Micah Brady can provide excellent advice, as well as assistance in your search for property. Together, they have decades of residence in the Valley, and their experience and local market knowledge are invaluable to their clients. Contact Mike at 805.391.0587, or Micah at 805.331.3053.