Sellers FAQs

These top 5 sellers FAQs are the ones asked, or at least contemplated, by property owners considering selling their property. Owners of homes, estates, ranches and land in California’s Santa Ynez Valley and its neighboring Santa Maria Valley have the same concerns, although they’re fortunate to have the highly respected real estate team of Mike and Micah Brady at hand to answer all questions and provide reassurance. Are you considering selling property in this beautiful and coveted area of the California Central Coast? Do you have additional questions or concerns? If so, feel free to contact The Brady Team.

1. How can I be sure my property is priced for top dollar? 

The first thing you must do when considering selling your property is partner with a real estate professional thoroughly familiar with your region, community and neighborhood. He or she will conduct a market analysis taking into consideration a host of objective indicators while keeping in mind what potential buyers, other agents and current market values dictate.

Quantitative factors such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size and, in the case of ranch land, elements such as amount of acreage and its usability, value of water rights, number of additional buildings on the property, and so on. Of course, recent sales and failed sales in the area come into play as well.

Qualitative elements such as floor plan, landscaping and even trending design features must also be considered. The bottom line is that there is no exact formula. Independent evaluation of each property must be made with consideration of actual market conditions and trends.

The most important overall factor in pricing your property is objectivity. That’s where Mike and Micah Brady come in. A home or ranch priced subjectively high based on emotional attachment, owner’s perceived value or other non-objective criteria will likely result in the property being ignored by agents and prospective buyers. On the other hand, a property that sells quickly doesn’t necessarily mean it was priced too low. It might just mean that it had been priced accurately according to current market value, professional analysis and the skill of the real estate professional.

Believe it or not, sometimes under-pricing can be an effective marketing tool that can generate agent and buyer interest and multiple offers. 

2. How can I maximize the value of my property as it is perceived by prospective buyers? 

Your property’s “face” is extremely important. Its presentation can be enhanced by cosmetic upgrades, professional photographs and professional staging. Attention to detail is extremely important. Cleaning, de-cluttering, painting, landscaping and designer furniture and accessories should be considered. It has been said that a professional staging company can generate at least twice the price and shorten the time needed to sell the property.

Emphasis should be placed on effective marketing materials including a professionally-written property description, professional photographs and the home’s own web page. These are all marketing elements utilized routinely by The Brady Team.

3.  How will my property be marketed to get the best selling price? 

The creation of an effective marketing campaign for a home or ranch is a skill learned through experience and attention to buyer and market trends. Among the marketing tools used by Mike and Micah Brady, perhaps the most impressive is this state-of-the-art website that provides international exposure for their exclusive listings. Engaging, highly visible and search engine- and user-friendly, the site has the potential to reach millions of potential buyers worldwide. Strategically planned open houses held for agents and buyers are another effective tool. In other words, how marketing is used, and the quality of those tools is as important as which means come into play.

4. How much will preparing my property for sale and having open houses disrupt my life?

If this is your primary property and you reside here full-time, then quite a bit. The positive way to look at it, however, is that all of the cleaning and organizing will be liberating, refreshing and a big step toward your goal.

 5.  Does a listing contract obligate me to sell my property even if I’m not okay with the terms and price?

No. You will essentially be signing a partnership agreement so that you and your agents can work toward a mutual goal: selling your property for the optimum return on your investment. If the market is not in your favor, or if your goals and objectives change, you and your agents can reach an amicable mutual decision regarding moving forward or moving on.

Did these sellers FAQs answer your questions and address your concerns? Do you have more? Let Mike and Micah know!